Aligning Yourself with Universal Consciousness

1 Apr

As a kid I would visit my relatives in the village for my summer vacations. It was a very pleasant and laid-back experience. My two-month vacation from school exposed me to a routine which was in stark contrast to the life I otherwise led. I still remember following my grandfather as he would go about [...]

Why You Need to Embrace Cross Generational Mentorship

8 Jan

I was contemplating on switching to a non-vegetarian diet since a lot of health articles advocate it to be a better diet to combat Covid, given that it is rich in protein. That evening I discussed my new plan with my younger daughter, who apparently had a different point of view. Very systematically and logically [...]

To Evolve – Master the Art of Surrender

21 Nov

Recently one of my colleagues asked me the secret of staying calm in the event of a crisis. He holds my admiration as a young and able leader, so I told him about a conversation that is very close to my heart, a conversation that has taught me my lessons at being a calmer, more [...]

Are We Moving Towards an Anxiety Driven State Of Mind?

9 Oct

For Image Courtesy – Google search  The pandemic began as a 14 days initial lockdown. Everyone embraced the social changes believing it would be contained in a month or two and that triumph will be near, that the execution will be seamless, and that we would emerge unscathed out of it. Through the past couple [...]

The Culture of Busyness

19 Aug

Busyness seems to have become the new cool, a positioning statement for individuals. How busy you are or rather are perceived to be determines how hard you seem to work or how dedicated you are. This is even more evident in our Country with a high-power distance index. For me too it was no different! [...]

Power of Culture

22 May

As I began my now normal routine of work from home, I happen to glance at my calendar which I do every day as a matter of habit to check my routine, and realized it’s the 2nd of May 2020. As the moment sank in, I was instantaneously smiling and was overcome with a sense [...]

Embracing the Lockdown – Every dark cloud has a silver lining!

31 Mar

I remember my grandfather narrating the times of India’s pre independence struggle and my father narrating the early struggles of the young independent country. They talked about oppression, wars, famines and cholera like epidemics. I was very young when I experienced wars with neighbors, or at least the drills that came along with them. All [...]

Let’s talk Spirituality

4 Mar

One of my school friends called me the other day, and in-between conversations told me that he had seen one of my videos where I am responding to questions on spirituality. As is with school friends who can call our bluff since they know us before we were anything boast-worthy, he chuckled that since I [...]

Why you should embrace your vulnerability

7 Feb

  In life, I have always set high standards for myself. During school, I worked hard to be the best performing student in academics as well as in sports. During college, I strived to be an all-round athlete and a macho male. In career as well, I strived to be a high performing employee for [...]

The Myth About Short Attention Span

8 Jan

In a recent discussion of which I was a part of, I was made privy to the notion that people’s attention span has reduced exponentially. A much debated and refuted study was quoted according to which on an average, it is now as low as 8 seconds. Apparently, it has fallen from a higher 12 [...]

My Journey Towards Happiness and Truth

4 Dec

One day I was sitting and reflecting on my journey so far, and I must say the hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s like an epiphany where you can retrospect on all the things you could have done differently and this happened to me when it came to certain habits and preferences. I have been [...]

Being Mentally Healthy

13 Nov

One of my colleagues was discussing with me about how difficult it is these days to manage everything, since everything has to be managed on the go! He was leaving for the day, and said he hoped to catch up enough sleep so that he could go to the morning marathon training session. Once home, [...]