Are you real or a figment of someone’s imagination?

8 Nov

    Recently, an interesting conversation stirred by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and other cutting-edge companies caught my attention. In a recent technology event, in an answer to a question posed by the audience he mentioned that “There may be a possibility that human kind is living in a simulated reality.” [...]

Why look for inspiration elsewhere when it is around us all the time

26 Oct

We all love to read about successful people in this world, people who have been able to achieve their goals, transform their businesses and many a times bring in disruption in industries. We want to know the challenges they overcame, what drives them and what they desire in life. We want to draw inspiration and [...]

Future of General Insurance Industry

12 Aug

The need to be protected can be traced back to being as old as the history of human existence. It started with the discovery of fire, finding shelter for ourselves then further graduated towards setting up communities, villages and civilizations. The fundamental thought behind these was to stay together and protect each other. And to [...]

In trying to get what we don’t have are we losing what we have?

8 Jul

Image Credit: Every year as a member of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce we go to Germany for our annual delegation trip. It’s a trade delegation so we meet a lot of industrialists, bureaucrats and decision makers to discuss about the Indo-German trade and relations. This year as a part of the delegation we [...]

We Invite Sadness

3 Jun

The world is a very strange place to be in. As a kid I thought that when I get into high school I’ll be happier because the number of subjects taught would be lesser. In high school, the number of subjects reduced but they were more difficult. Then I thought maybe when I go to [...]

Fostering a Culture of Compassion at Workplace

10 May


One day I was having a conversation with my daughters about what career they wanted to pursue. My elder daughter said she wanted to be a surgeon so she could help people in need and reduce their suffering. My younger daughter said she wanted to be a computer engineer. When I asked her why, she [...]

Union Budget 2016: Emphasis on Fiscal Prudence and Economic Growth

2 Mar

The Union budget presented by the finance minister addresses the important issue of financial inclusion. Not only is it a pro-rural and pro-farmer budget with announcement of rural aid schemes as well as plans for digital literacy in rural areas, but is also concurrent with the growth and development aspirations of the country. The optimum [...]

The Beauty of Ageing

9 Feb

Image Credit: I remember an interesting incident from a trip to a jungle with my team for an outbound activity. We had to leave early in the morning for a safari. The highlight of the trip was spotting the tiger. We all got up early, sat in our open jeeps and left for the safari. [...]

My Two Cents for Millennials

19 Nov

I’m obsessed about the happiness of my employees. I want to provide them an enabling environment so they can succeed, be happy and prosperous. Sometimes I feel like an over-zealous parent who wants to do good for his children and strives to provide them the right environment for development. Of course, it’s for the child [...]

How We Are Working Hard Towards Losing Happiness

6 Oct

In today’s digital era we click and store 1000s of photographs but hardly revisit them unlike the past when we had albums for every occasion and holiday. One Sunday afternoon at home, I came across one such album while cleaning my study. It had photographs of my childhood, my daughters’ childhood and some recent ones. It brought [...]

Pride in Being an Insurer

17 Aug

Insurance, General Insurance

Image Credit: David Hilowitz via Flickr Would you agree with me if I said that a world without insurance would be much less developed and unstable? You would have probably chuckled at the above statement. Hopefully by the end of this post I will be able to change your perception. Why Insurance? When I joined [...]

Money Kills

15 Jul

  Recently I was invited by a University to deliver a speech at their induction ceremony. Two bright youngsters from the University were accompanying me to the venue. In the course of our discussion, I happened to casually quiz them about how much money they would want to make before calling it quits. They were [...]