The “Luck” Factor

2 Apr

Lot of times I hear people around me talk about the luck factor. Things like somebody is lucky, I am unlucky. Somebody gets all the best things in life, I don’t get things easily. As I interact with people closely I find this to be one of the most common statements. I hence tried to [...]

Questioning Our Biases

28 Feb

Oftentimes, across platforms, the most common apprehension that I receive from people, customers and new recruits alike is on insurers being reluctant on settling claims. Despite being there for people in their direst hours, despite being a bleeding industry in terms of claims, insurers even today are perceived with a negative bias. Being a scientist, [...]

The Future of Insurance

26 Jan

Globalization 4.0 is the buzz word today. Unlike the preceding phases of globalization – pre and post the world wars and the ongoing one, which were all about factories crossing borders, the 4.0 revolution is said to disrupt both the manufacturing and service sectors alike. Backed by technology, this wave is fast approaching us, and [...]

Building a Culture of Wellness

21 Dec

I have been an insurer throughout my career, and firmly believe that it’s one of the most efficient tools to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against unforeseen eventualities. Prevention however is always better than cure. Soldiers have their bullet-proof vests, construction workers have harnesses and helmets, riders have riding gears. Each profession comes with [...]

My Learnings as an MD & CEO

12 Nov

After reading my last blog on my recent interaction with our new recruits, one of the youngsters at my company wrote back to me. She said she was from a small town, and despite being at a middle management level, she was the only one in her family to make it this far. She sought [...]

Unplug – Let Go of the Encrypted Lifestyle & Rekindle the Human Touch!

8 Nov

Last Diwali as we were cleaning up our attic, I happened to see my old collection of scrapbooks and albums from my younger days. The collection drew my attention towards the unnoticed transformation from a raw world of physical meet-ups and real-time laughter, cheer and pleasantry exchanges to a digital world of selfies, like, share, [...]

Street MBA lessons from the Youngest @ BAGIC

6 Nov

I have always felt that the path to success doesn’t necessarily pass through fancy classroom doors. That the people who build successful empires have much more insights and instincts than what a classroom would offer. I believe that the streets teach you much relevant business skills, than professional business management courses which are churning workhorses [...]

The perfect Present for a secured Future

9 Oct

The best gifts are usually the simplest ones. A hug of appreciation, a nod of empathy, a heartfelt compliment – all etch an everlasting impression on our minds. The second-best gifts are the ones that group all these feelings in one package. Such gifts are an exhibit of how much you value the presence, well-being [...]

You Have Been Conditioned To Be Unhappy – Break Free!

2 Oct

Have you ever been in a shopping mall or an airport or at a party and happened to have observed the way people treat their kids at such social gatherings? While there would be a kid who would have accidently dropped food from his plate, getting fiercely reprimanded by his parents, another one would be [...]

My take – On being happier and more successful

7 Sep

Just the other day I was talking about of the relief efforts which were going on towards a national disaster and how important it is as a nation for us to contribute through this relief effort in some way or the other. It then occurred it me in discussions with a few friends that “giving” [...]

The Secret To Being Genuinely Happy

11 Aug

When was the last time you laughed? Like genuinely laughed? Laughed so much that you had tears of joy in your eyes? A few days back, I happened to pass by a small town, en route to one of our business locations. As my colleague and I stopped over for a hot cup of tea [...]

Reminiscing Childhood Street Sports & the Lessons It Taught

12 Jul

One day while out on a walk in my society’s park I was reminded of the times when as kids I and my friends used to play various sports all day long, even in the absence of proper playgrounds. I remember that the moment we reached home from school, we’d have lunch and rush out [...]